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Declaring the Gospel to Transform Lives

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March 29 Service will be held online
March 29 Service will be held online

Category: Sunday Morning

Date: March 29, 2020

Our online service link is:

You will be prompted to either "download" or "launch" Zoom; whichever prompt you get, do it (download or launch)

The program may ask you if you would like to "join with audio" or "join with video". "Audio" allows everyone to hear you (if you have a microphone in whatever device you are using to connect). "Video" allows us to see you (if your device has a camera). You do not need to do either one. But Elliott has asked you to please consider allowing him to see your faces while he is teaching. Note: you can adjust your "video" or "audio" participating at any time after "joining" the meeting.

If you join via your phone or tablet/iPad: Go to your phone's app store and upload "Zoom Cloud Meetings" to your phone

Then Follow the steps above.


We will plan to listen to Elliott teach. We hope to try to share prayers requests via "Chat." Sharing prayer requests can be done without "video" or "audio" sharing (without your face or your voice being seen/heard) via a "Chat" button that you can find at the bottom of the meeting screen once you are on.

Online Service