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Declaring the Gospel to Transform Lives

Our Vision

New Life Fellowship is committed to sharing the life-changing Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ.

We don’t believe that either being religious or trying to do good works is enough; but instead, through Jesus Christ our lives can be changed. Change isn't about religiosity; its about our lives growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Our Goal:

Our goal, or Vision, for what we are called to do as a church fellowship defines our purpose and helps us keep our focus on serving Christ’s Kingdom in this area.

1. Gospel Centrality

In general, the gospel is the message of the Bible that God is redeeming his fallen creation through the coming of his kingdom in the person and work of Jesus Christ. In particular, the gospel is the message that we are saved from our sins by sheer free grace through faith in the finished work of Christ, not through our efforts and works. We believe that the Gospel has to be central.  It is that message that makes sinners into saints. The Gospel is the very power of God which grows, changes, and shapes everything with which it has contact—hearts, identities, relationships, practices, our public and private life. The gospel is “central,” or first, because it is not merely one department of belief, but it is a power that affects every area of life when its implications are felt and thought out.  Also, the gospel is “central” because it is neither legalism on the one hand nor relativism on the other.  It is the freedom of Christ - a freedom that allows us to be loving graced believers who know that Christ is redeeming us even as we face in honesty our own humanity.

2. Changed Lives

It is common to think the gospel is a message mainly to be shared with non-believers to bring them salvation, after which they grow through following Biblical principles. But we believe the gospel is a message for believers also—that believing, understanding, rejoicing in and practicing the gospel more deeply is the main way believers overcome flaws and problems and grow into Christ-likeness. Our sinful behavior is rooted in the interior of our heart—our own need—and deeper knowledge of and experience of God’s grace in Christ can change our hearts. We know that life changes are long-term and happen as we pray, receive instruction, learn to obey His word, and worship together. The gospel changes us from the inside out, freeing us from both self-righteousness and self-condemnation.

3. A Fellowship Community

Because the gospel changes our hearts and identities, it makes us into people that fellowship together, creating a new kind of community. Growth in gospel grace (discipleship) is best done in a community of informal relationships, not in a classroom or through a book. It is in community that people see how a gospel-changed heart really works—in our humility as well as our boldness; in our quickness to repent, forgive, and reconcile; and in the uniqueness of our life practices. There are multiple ways to fellowship as a community. Sunday morning is our gathering as a fellowship to worship and learn; but other settings such as small group fellowship are also important ways to community.