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Declaring the Gospel to Transform Lives

Current Series

We take a break from our studies in the Gospel of Mark to celebrate Advent.  What is Advent?  From the Latin Word, "Adventus", meaning an important arrival or coming.  Each week we'll pick out a theme that embraces the Spirit of Advent.  The first Advent - the Incarnation - God became flesh - John 1:14
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What can we learn from Jesus as we travel with him through Mark’s gospel?
Traveling closely with Jesus deepens our understanding of Him and challenges us to improve our Christian walk.  Being honest with ourselves and being open to the nudgings of the Holy Spirit, we continue to work on our thoughts and actions to become more like Christ (Sanctification)
The Gospel of Mark presents to us an opportunity to take a long journey with Jesus, so we can complete the short journey from our head (where we know who Jesus is) to our hearts (where we experience Jesus as Savior and Lord of our lives).
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