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Declaring the Gospel to Transform Lives


We're glad you stopped by to take a look at our Church on our Web-site.  New Life Fellowship began in order to share the truth of God's Grace and how God changes lives and brings "New Life" to us through Jesus Christ.   We don't believe in Church as a Religion, or as a Place, or even as a time of the week; but rather we believe church is a fellowship of people discovering God's grace and love revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ.  We believe in teaching the Scriptures as the Word of God. We believe that sound teaching that is rooted in God's word is an absolute essential to any Christian's growth in Christ.

Maybe you already know that and just want to check us out - great.  Maybe you're not convinced, but interested in knowing more - great. Whatever your reason for being here, we'd love to have you visit us, talk to us, and take your time - we want you to understand what we're all about'